Rachel Ross

Science Writing & Curriculum Development

Hello and Welcome!

I am a firm believer that science should, and can, be accessible to all. I strive to ensure that all learners, from students to the casual reader, can continue to better and more fully understand and appreciate the world in which we live. To that end, I'm always looking for new and exciting avenues to help bring science and science awareness to anyone.


  • Science content writing: including articles, informational resources, and books for both the general public and education purposes

  • Science curriculum and assessment development: including texts, digital and print resources, student-facing materials and worksheets, teacher-facing guides, digital and print assessments, and NGSS alignment

  • Subjects: astronomy, Earth science, physical science, and math

About Me

I got into science writing in 2014 as a way to keep busy between careers – and I very quickly discovered that I not only enjoyed the process, but that it could actually become my next career.

I bring nearly two decades of experience in science, scientific and educational writing, tutoring, teaching, and mentoring to every project. Before becoming a science writer, I worked in an observatory specializing in education and outreach supplemented with science research and telescope operations. While studying for my undergraduate degree, I taught an introduction to astronomy lab and worked with a research astronomer. Check out my LinkedIn page for additional details.


  • Master of Astronomy, James Cook University, July 2012

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of California Davis, December 2005


  • Writing in the Sciences, Standford University on Coursera, June 2019

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